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Industrial Safety Solutions

Our Services

Today our services have no boundaries. We are currently operating in the Gulf of Mexico, Eagle Ford Shale area, Africa, China, South America, and the Middle East.  We serve companies with an employee base that ranges from 50 to over 20,000.

ISS recognizes that we must embody excellence in order to help others generate it. We are committed to the kind of quality work that encourages a safe, environmentally responsible and prosperous future for our customers. We hire, train and place our team members in the field with complete confidence that they will provide the highest value service to our clients.

Safety CoordinatorsOur on-site safety personnel assist in analyzing work environments and designing processes to control, eliminate, and prevent disease or injury. We train our team in behavior based observations, intervention and performance feedback. Our safety professionals work with the project crews to coach them on ownership of safe work practices, policies and procedures.
Fire Prevention SpecialistsOur Fire Prevention Specialists receive extensive education and hands-on training to provide our customers with a variety of services.
ParamedicsISS paramedics are uniquely qualified to provide care for ill or injured workers in remote environments both inland and offshore, using our protocol system and communication with the ISS Medical Control Physician.
Safe Work Assessment CoachesOur Coaches are trained to provide productive, effective feedback to individuals of all levels and personality types.  The Assessment process is an effective method for reaffirming and creating a better understanding of Safe Work Practices and their application.
Consulting Services Offering HSE consulting services to include, but not limited to design and implementation of process, safety management, feedback, and accident investigation.