Confined Space Entrant / Attendant
Confined Space Entrant/Attendant

Overview: This course examines the process and procedures need to work in and around confined space as per 29 CFR 1910.146. Employees must be trained when first assigned to duties in and around permit spaces; before there is a change in assigned duties; whenever there is a change in operations that presents a hazard; and whenever the permit-space entry procedures change.

Course Length: 8hrs

Course Objectives: Upon completion of Confined Space Entrant/Attendant training, the student will be familiar with:

  • Describe the entry permit
  • Define the system for preparation, issuance, use, and cancellation of entry permit
  • Understand permit-required confined spaces
  • Practice to mitigate hazards encountered while working in confined space
  • Provide a written list of 20 possible hazards that can be encountered in the confined space
  • State two possible signs and two patient symptoms of confined space hazard exposures
  • Instruct your workers on the proper use of equipment
  • Understand the duties of the Attendant, Entrant and Supervisor
  • Understand atmospheric hazards and atmospheric testing procedures
  • Understand the parameters of the electronic gas monitor
  • Understand the basic properties of the four main gasses encountered in a confined space
  • Understand ventilation techniques
  • Define rescue and emergency procedures
  • Define the role of confined space Rescue Service personnel
  • Discuss the Material Safety Data Sheet for the materials that may be present in the permit space

Course Assignments and Exams: Written and hands-on competency will be evaluated at the end of each course. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understand before completion of course.

Retraining: Company-specific

Course Evaluations: Near the completion of the class we ask that all students and management complete a survey on content, instructor knowledge, facility, equipment, and personal experience. Here at Industrial Safety Solutions, we strive to provide world class education through training and skills evaluation full and honest participation is appreciated.

Attendance: Classes will start sharply at agreed time. We ask that all students arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of class. To achieve full credit, students must participate and be present for the entire class. We ask that all cellar devises to be placed on silent or turned off during class.

Personal Protective Equipment: Minimum requirements are as follows for full participation in class
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Toe Footwear
  • Gloves



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