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Al Felts, Represents Safety - Friday, May 17, 2013
Al Felts Represents Safety

Al Felts has been a Safety Coordinator with ISS for 10 months, but you'd never know it. He exudes a tenure Safety Coordinator through passion for his job. Al joined ISS after working at a refinery as an Iron Worker. He was interested in entering a safety position and posted his resume on RigZone. ISS contacted Al in 2012 when seeking candidates to fill an opening. Al was skeptical because he had worked offshore and knew that as a safety leader, he may face opposition. He spoke with his wife, Leslie and two sons; Noah (15) and Jayden (12) about the potential job as a Safety Coordinator and they all agreed it was a chance that he should take.

In speaking with Al, it is easy to understand the importance that he places on his family and co-workers. Al's experience is vast from offshore to refineries as a Roustabout to a Boiler Maker. Yet, in all settings and positions, safety played a role. He has been familiar with safety and the cultures in the different industries and he can relate with persons at all levels. Al isn't afraid to do the right thing, even if it means stopping work. He is confident that if he communicates thoroughly with his supervisors and those on the rig, he will be supported in his safety initiatives.

In Al's short time with us, he accurately represents an ISS Safety Coordinator. "Communication is key. I like to spend as much time as I can with the crews on deck. When they challenge me, I learn something. I learn more from them than they will ever learn from me, he said.

Al's impact was such that Joe Fox with Check Six wrote the below:

In my work, since January 2012, I have been to MANY rigs from Australia and Indonesia, to North Dakota, Ohio and Texas in that time. I have seen and worked with a bunch of EHS reps / Safety men in that time - most were decent, some were very good and of course, some were "less than stellar".

Al Felts is a safety man here on the Baldpate in the Gulf of Mexico and he is by far, the best EHS rep I have seen or worked with in my year plus of visiting rigs.

What makes him good?

  • He honestly cares - it is clear this is not just a job for him but he cares about the men aboard.
  • He is technically excellent - he KNOWS his job
  • He is very friendly while at the same time being deadly serious - this is a rare combination.
  • He is bright and intelligent, relates well with senior management as well as the deck hands - everybody LISTENS to him and hears what he says.
  • When he covers the safety material - he does not just read what came out, he covers it all and then adds personal accounts that illustrate the point - and again, the men relate well to that.
  • He speaks well - clearly, loud enough and has a presence that demands attention.
  • He is out and about - a lot of safety men don't leave their office except when they have to - Al is all over the rig and when he is out there -he is discussing - SAFETY.
  • I don't know how old he is - he seems young - but he is very mature.

You have a keeper in this man.  I just wanted to let you know so that you can keep your eye on him - I think he is destined for great things.

Joe "Mongo" Fox


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