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Industrial Safety Solutions delivers highly-trained personnel from an extensive recruitment process that ensures only qualified individuals are included in this organization. We take pride in providing continuous training and evaluations in order to ensure our team is not only challenged, but also successful. 


HSE Consulting 
Our HSE Consulting Includes building or repairing existing tools and processes.

Safety Coordinators 
Our safety coordinators ensure the facilitation of current processes, tools and regulatory compliances. 

H2S Technicians 
ISS H2S techs conduct monitoring of equipment, react and coordinate "mustering" and remediation. 

NORM Surveyors

Our NORM surveys detect radiation and locate and identify the radiation source.

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Coating Inspectors
ISS Coating Inspector's duties include checking conditions beforehand, ensuring correct temperature and weather conditions, ensuring the final coating process was followed and thickness was correctly applied.

Fire Safety
With a solid knowledge of fire safety codes and regulations, we implement preventative measures, maintain buildings safety standards, create and implement safety policies and train in appropriate fire safety procedures.

From cultural assessments to compliance audits, our auditors assists your company with protecting employees, assets, and the environment.

Competency Coaches
We provide support to your company's competency verification efforts by utilizing specially designed system of assessment build around each client's Safe Work Practices.

Assist and Assure Coaches
Focuses on engaging the workforce through 3 strategies:
1. Transition to Work 2. Safe Work Process 3. Effective

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