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ISS-S (Industrial Safety Solutions Sustainability), a division of ISS, has a goal to create an environment to include awareness and implementation for sustainability within ISS and affiliated divisions. We are working with our industry to innovate processes and technologies to measure carbon expenditure in order to create sustainability and profitability for our employees, customers, industry and planet.

What is sustainability?


Sustainability is the practice of making sure that human activities do not permanently damage the environment, so that natural resources are available for future generations. It is an approach that considers the environmental, social, and economic impacts of decisions and actions over time.


With over 30 years of  experience in the Safety Industry, Industrial Safety Solutions has a track record of forward thinking for our employees and customers by creating innovative equipment, processes, training and reporting within the Oil & Gas sector. 


We are currently exploring how we can reduce our carbon footprint within our ISS companies and building out processes in order to implement best practices to do our part in waste reduction.  

Our Plan

Phase 1: Define & Assess Sustainability Practices


Phase 2: Implement Processes and Procedures within ISS


Phase 3: Monitoring/Maintaining Systems and Processes for Sustainability 


Phase 4: Support Industry Operators and Contractors with Sustainability Practices & Procedures

As we explore Sustainability for our Industry, share your information with us and we will keep you updated on our progress!

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